Ways to Save Money in the New Year

Christmas is over for another year and you may be a little worried that you have spent more than you expected. Now we are into the New Year, how can we make our money go that little bit further? Read these handy tips to help you save a few pounds.

Comparison Websites.

The New Year is a fantastic time to use comparison websites to get your bills a bit cheaper. This can be used for gas or electricity bills, mobile phones, TV and broadband bills. It’s usually very simple to switch suppliers, and you could end up saving hundreds of pounds a year.

Loyalty Cards.

There are many places that now offer some form of loyalty scheme to reward customers for shopping with them. Many companies use a points system, and once you have collected a number of points, they are then converted into money off vouchers. If you use a smartphone, then it’s worth downloading the loyalty apps, as retailers usually offer extra vouchers and discounts, saving you even more money!

Save Money on your Food Shop.

When doing your food shopping, why not try swapping some of the brand names for supermarket own brands? They tend to be a lot cheaper and taste just as good as the more expensive brands.

Other ways to save money on your food shop is to buy in bulk. There are many items that you can buy lots of that won’t go out of date, but will save you money- things like toilet rolls, washing powder and fabric softeners.

Savings Apps.

If you use a smartphone, there are lots of apps that you can download now that help you save money every time you shop. All they do is round up the cost of the item to the nearest pound and put the difference into your savings. It may only be small amounts but will soon add up over time.

Banks like Monzo and Starling bank already have this feature with some of their accounts, or you can download apps like Plum, that will take as much or as little of your change as you can afford and put it away in savings.


If you do a lot of shopping online, then why not sign up to Top Cashback? Just shop via this website and they will give you a percentage of what you spend, straight back to you. It’s free to join and there are many companies on there to shop with like Asda, Littlewoods, Very and Sports Direct. The savings will soon add up.


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