Handy Hints and Tips for a Stress-free Christmas.

As the countdown to the big day begins, stress levels can soar and take all the enjoyment out of the festive season. Here are some tips to help you keep calm and enjoy the festivities.

Make lists.

Santa has made his list, why not make one too? Make separate lists for all the different things that need doing- so one list for present buying, one list for the Christmas food shop and another list for all the other jobs that still need doing. This way you can cross off jobs once they have been done, making you feel more productive and less stressed.

Ask for help.

This sounds obvious, but many people feel stressed thinking they have to do it all by themselves. Ask your partner or your parents to help with some jobs, even if its just little things, like making the tea or washing up while you do something else.

Start Christmas shopping early.

The closer it gets to Christmas, the busier and more stressful the shops will be. Start shopping for presents earlier and hide them away (this also gives you extra time to wrap them).

Food items like cranberry sauce, tubs of chocolate and biscuits can also be bought earlier in your normal weekly shop. This helps to spread the cost and there is less chance of forgetting them closer to the big day. Just don’t be tempted to eat them early!

Set a budget.

It’s easy to overspend at Christmas, however this can cause stress levels to rise. Make an overall budget, and then break it down for each person you need to buy for. Make sure the budget is a realistic one and then stick to it. It’s the thought that counts not the price.

Take time out to relax.

Choose an activity that helps you to relax and take some time for yourself. Have a long soak in the bath, or watch a film, just choose something that will help you take your mind off Christmas for a while.

Have fun and enjoy yourself!

Remember it is Christmas for you too, so eat, laugh and be merry. Try not to let things get to you if they don’t go according to plan.


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