Managing your income through the Covid 19

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You may be very worried about how you will cope if your income drops a lot because of the Coronavirus. Here we will give you some helpful advice in case this happens.

Why your income may drop

You may be affected directly by the virus if you get sick and or have to self-isolate because someone in your household has some Coronavirus symptoms.

Your income may also fall because your children’s school has to close, or your employer may not have enough work for you if you are on a zero hours contract.

What help can I get?

Here are just a few things that can help if your income drops. If you are unsure about how to claim any benefits, visit the website or contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau.

Statutory Sick Pay.

If you become sick or have to self-isolate, the Government has made changes so you can now claim Statutory Sick Pay from Day 1 instead of Day 4, which will pay £94 a week.

Universal Credit.

If you not eligible for Statutory Sick Pay, you can make a claim for Universal Credit. How much you receive will depend on your circumstances, and you will receive more if you need help with housing costs and have children.

If you are already claiming Universal Credit and your income drops because you are on a zero hours contract, make sure to tell the DWP as soon as it happens as you may receive more money.

Struggling to pay your bills or debts?

Lots of people can just about manage to pay their normal bills with what income they have, so if it drops, this can mean that they become unmanageable. If your income drops there are things you can do to make it easier.

Don’t Panic.

This is easier said than done when your income falls, but at the moment the problem may just be temporary, and creditors will probably be sympathetic.

Work out what your priority debts are, as these are the things that need to be paid. So your rent, council tax, gas and electricity are all priority and if you don’t pay these you could end up in more difficulty later.

Contact your creditors.

If your income has dropped because of the Coronavirus and you are struggling to make your payments, contact your creditors. They know it’s not your fault that your income has dropped, and they will try to help you as much as they can.


Here at Moneyline, if you are struggling to make your repayments because of the Coronavirus, then call us on 0345 643 1553 and we can offer you a payment break until you are back on your feet.


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