Ways to get fit on a budget.

Christmas has been and gone, and for many of us we start the New Year wanting to get into better shape, however gyms and fitness classes can be expensive. Here we share some hints and tips to help you get fit on a budget.

Use Household items.

There is no need in spending lots of money on gym and workout equipment, when there are plenty of things around the house that can help. Bags of sugar or tins of food make great weights for working out, and a sturdy chair or countertop can help with push-ups to work those muscles.

Go to the Park.

Walking to or around the park can be great exercise if you are wanting to get fit. Just doing some laps of your local park can burn as many calories as an intensive work out. Some people even use the kids play equipment to help them work out, by using the slide to help with sit-ups and the climbing frame for muscle strength. Just make sure the kids get a go too!

Lookout for New Year Gym offers.

Gyms will usually have lots of offers available in January to encourage people who want to get fit. If paying for a full-time membership seems like a big commitment, ask if they have a pay as you go option. Some gyms even offer a heavily discounted membership if you are on Universal credit, you just need to ask at the reception.

Look for pre-loved equipment.

Keep an eye out on Facebook buying sites or places like Gumtree to see if you can buy any second-hand equipment cheaper. People will often buy new equipment only for it not to be used and be sold on a matter of months later.

Use computer games. 

There are many computer games that will help get you fit and are fun at the same time. There are still lots of places that sell second-hand consoles cheaply with a warranty. Buying an older console will also mean that the games are a lot cheaper too!

Borrow a Dog.

Walking is a great free exercise, and it can be even more fun if you can walk a dog at the same time. If you know someone wo has a dog, why not ask if you can walk it for them? Dogs love to exercise and will walk for miles, helping you get fit for free-don’t forget the dog bags though!

Visit the NHS website.

The NHS website has lots of useful information and advice on how to get fit and healthy for free, with links to apps and websites that can help. They include the couch to 5k app if you are interested in running or the strength and flex exercise plans that give you a virtual trainer for free.


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