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What if I can’t afford to pay my loan this month?

If you’ve been affected due to coronavirus (for example due to, temporary increase in costs, illness or you need to self-isolate) and you’re worried about how this may impact you financially, we’re here to help. Call us on 0345 643 1553


Are you taking new applications?

We want to make sure that here at Moneyline we are only lending when we are confident that someone can afford the loan now and over the whole term. To do this we are only accepting applications where the income you have coming in is least likely to have been affected by what has happened during the pandemic.

We are reviewing this on an ongoing basis, so if we can’t help at the moment check in with us in a few months if you are still looking for a loan. 


If you usually come into a branch to apply for your loan

We have closed some of our branches temporarily to keep both customers and members of the Moneyline team as safe as we can. We are not currently offering branch loans.

You can still apply for a loan by calling us on 0345 643 1553 we have a team of people who can help guide you through a very similar, simple process and how to share the information we need.


How can I withdraw my savings?

Please call us on  0345 643 1553 and our telephone team will be able to help.


There is extra support out there if you need it

Step Change 0800 138 1111 (free number)

Offering free impartial advice about debt


Advice about grants and benefits, including a benefits calculator.

The Money Advice Service  0800 138 7777(free number)

Free advice service that helps people to manage and make the most of their money.

































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