Coronavirus: Claiming Sick Pay & Benefits

If you have been affected by the Coronavirus there is help out there for you.


If you’re in work and not claiming benefits

If you can’t work due to Coronavirus you could be able to get Statutory Sick Pay (SSP). You will get it from the first day you are off sick. If you are a gig worker and/or on a zero-hours contract, you may be entitled to sick pay. Check your eligibility for Statutory Sick Pay.


Getting a Fit NoteIf you need to show evidence to your employer that you need to stay at home due to Coronavirus, you can get it from NHS 111 Online instead of having to get a Fit Note from your doctor.


Not eligible to receive sick pay

You can apply for Universal Credit and/or apply for New Style Employment and Support Allowance


If you’re already claiming benefits

All face-to-face assessments for health and disability-related benefits have currently been stopped. If you already have an assessment appointment arranged, you do not need to attend. Your assessment provider will contact you to discuss your appointment and explain the next steps to you.


If you have made a claim

You do not need to do anything. You will be contacted shortly by telephone or letter to let you know what will happen next.


If you already get PIP, ESA, Universal Credit or IIDB

You will continue to get your current payments as normal.


If you have made a new claim or want to make a new claim

DWP will continue to take claims for all benefits. If you have a jobcentre appointment but are staying at home on Government advice or have been diagnosed with Coronavirus, let them know ASAP and you will not be sanctioned.


If you are staying at home as a result of Coronavirus

Your normal work search will be stopped for the time you are off sick.


If you’re already claiming Universal Credit and think you may have been affected by Coronavirus

Contact your work coach as soon as possible. You can do this by using your online journal, or calling the Universal helpline.

If you are in work and already claiming Universal Credit and are staying at home on Government advice, you should report this in the usual way via your online journal. If this means you are working fewer hours, the amount of Universal Credit you receive will adjust as your earnings change.


If you are self-employed and claiming Universal Credit

Stay at home, the Minimum Income Floor (an assumed level of income) will not be applied for a period of time whilst you are affected.


If you’re making a new claim

Don’t delay making a benefit claim, even if you think you may be affected by Coronavirus.

You can apply for Universal Credit online.








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