Fun Christmas eve ideas for everyone

The presents have been bought and wrapped, the food is in the fridge and there’s nothing left to do now but wait for Santa to arrive. Here are some fun activities that will help pass the time and build excitement for the big day!

Make Christmas Eve Boxes.

Christmas Eve boxes aren’t just for children, adults love them too! Fill them with a pair of pyjamas or slippers as a main gift, and then add some little items such as hot chocolate with marshmallows, matching cups, chocolates or anything else you can think of. Open them in the evening to help build some excitement.

Bake Christmas Cookies.

Why not spend some time in the kitchen with your partner or kids and bake some fresh festive cookies? Cheap and easy to make, there are many different flavours to try like these Sparkling Vanilla Christmas Cookies.

Watch a Christmas Movie.

If you don’t want to venture out on Christmas Eve then why not curl up on the sofa and watch a Christmas classic? There are plenty of movies to help get you in the festive spirit such as Home Alone, The Polar Express, and Elf and most of them are suitable for children. Why not watch one you haven’t seen before? You may end up with a new Christmas favourite!

Go looking at Christmas lights.

If you want to get out of the house, why not go looking at the Christmas lights in your area? Seeing all the lights shine bright when it has gone dark, is a great way of creating a bit of festive excitement. For younger children turn it into a game to see who can spot certain decorations first.

Track Santa.

Ever wondered how Santa makes it round the world in one night? Well now you can watch him on his journey. Norad Santa Tracker shows Santa on his magical flight to all the different countries around the world. Follow him as he delivers the presents, and don’t forget to leave him his milk and cookies to keep him full of energy for this busy night!


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