Have a fantastic halloween on a budget

Halloween can be a costly time of year, especially with it being so close to Christmas. Here we have a few tips to help you have a fantastic Halloween on a budget.

D.I.Y. costumes

Buying new costumes every year can be very costly, so why not get creative with the kids and make them a unique costume? A costume can be made quite cheaply by using an old sheet and pillowcases to create a mummy or a ghost. Even other fancy dress costumes can easily be turned into a Zombie Fireman or Unicorn by using some fake blood and face paint.

Shop around

If you’re short on time or getting creative isn’t for you, then why not have a look on Facebook for people selling on Halloween costumes that they no longer need. Costumes tend to only be worn once or twice in the year and will usually be in good condition so you could grab a bargain. Shops tend to reduce the cost of Halloween costumes around the week before Halloween to make way for Christmas stock so a brand new costume could be half the price.

Hit the budget shops

Shops like B&M, Poundland, Home Bargains and Poundstretcher have good quality Halloween items at low prices. This can be a great way of buying items to decorate the home with, or adding to yours or your child’s costumes without spending a fortune. Sweets for trick or treating can also be found and usually come in big packs helping to save money in the long run.

Look for local activities instead of Trick or Treating

Not everyone likes trick or treating and often there are many free local activities that are held at Halloween, from Trick or Treat Treasure Hunts, to Fancy Dress Competitions. Keep an eye out for advertising posters in your local town centre or on social media for any activities that may come up. This can be a different way of having fun at Halloween without trick or treating.

Don’t forget the pumpkin!

Supermarkets usually start selling their pumpkins at the end of September and are a great, inexpensive way of having fun at Halloween. Help your little ones to carve a funny face in the front of their pumpkin, but then get use the extras from the inside to create some delicious pumpkin soup or how about this simple recipe forpumpkin cake?


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