About us

Moneyline has been operating for over 17 years and is now the leading social lender in the UK. We are building a financial institution that is national, yet rooted in the communities that it serves.



Our Story

We are a leading fair finance provider that prioritises the financial needs, health and wellbeing of the lowest income households in the UK over profit. We exist to serve the lowest income households by providing affordable, low value loans and small sum savings accounts. Our loan process is simple, friendly and personal. It is designed to agree a loan that works for the customer and is flexible and has no hidden costs.

Moneyline delivers loans through a phone service and branch network. We are founded in the belief that credit, provided responsibly and not creating further hardship is a vital tool in helping people spread the cost of something they need and that access to affordable financial products that fit with your life should not be a privilege.



We started out in 2002 with a shop in a small former industrial town Blackburn, in North West England. Set up as a Not-For-Profit with the benefit of the community at the heart of our ethos, we quickly discovered that the demand was significant and began to expand into more towns in the North West. We had a compelling mission to help as many people as we could that the mainstream banks and lenders had left behind.


Our Vision

We are on a mission to provide access to fair and affordable financial products for the lowest income households in the UK. We are always working to deliver our vision of a customer focused brand that is building and delivering innovative products that are grounded in the insight of the communities they serve and aim to reduce anxiety and create dignity and trust in their financial lives.


Our Vision
Our People

Our people are at the core of our business and our success. We are building an innovative organisation connected to our values and focused on our customers.


Sarah Beauvallet
Jan Coos Geesink
Samantha James
Prof. Karl Dayson
Ed Seigel
Brian Jackson
Matthew Harvey
Kevin Chong
Diane Burridge
Shiona Crichton

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