10 ideas for a budget friendly Valentine’s Day

Written by Jools Smith

8 February 2019

For many of us Valentine’s Day is an unwanted expense every year, particularly with it being so soon after Christmas. We often feel pressured into spending more than we’d like on our partners. Here are some thoughtful low-cost ways to treat your better half this Valentine’s Day.  

Cook a romantic meal

Going out to a restaurant for a nice meal can be expensive whenever you go, but when it comes to Valentine’s Day prices are often ramped up. A much cheaper option is to don your apron and get busy in the kitchen. The effort and thought you put into cooking a nice meal for your partner will be much more appreciated than going to an overpriced, overcrowded restaurant.   

If you really are tragic in the kitchen, many supermarkets will offer a reasonably priced ready made meal for two. Warm it up and claim it as your own!

Have a picnic

We know it’s winter and probably way too cold to be going out for a picnic, so why not have it home? You can lay your blankets on the living room floor and tuck in from the warmth of your home. Either make a selection of your favourite snacks and treats, or buy a takeaway and lay it all out on the floor!

If you can’t get rid of the kids for the night this is also a bit of fun for them, too!


Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a bunch of roses; however the cost of these, especially this time of year, can be off putting. It is possible though to get a nice bunch at a reasonable price. Obviously, the cheapest flowers won’t be the best quality and won’t live as long, but there are places you can go for a decent bunch.

Supermarkets often offer the best deals; Lidl and Aldi in particular are usually the best value. It’s worth noting, for the brave ones amongst us, prices usually drop on Valentine’s Day itself, as supermarkets try to flog leftover stock. So it might be worth waiting until the day to buy your flowers, just make sure your partner doesn’t find out!

Homemade card

It seems as though card’s are getting increasingly expensive every year. It is much cheaper, and much more thoughtful, to make your own card. You could maybe use your partners favourite photo of you both, or design it yourself if you’re feeling artistic. Either way, it is sure to be appreciated much more than a generic shop bought card, and probably won’t up end up in the bin 3 days later!

Spa day

We don’t mean booking a spa day at your local hotel, although you may be able to find a cheap deal on Groupon for you and your partner. Instead, try bringing the spa to your home! Face masks and massage oils are readily available these days, light a few candles and treat your partner to a relaxing evening.

Go for a walk

Weather permitting, a nice walk or hike with your loved one is a great way to spend Valentine’s Day. Wrap up warm and set off walking, it can be a great opportunity for some alone time, with or without the kids, not to mention it’s free!

Agree a budget

Not the most romantic of gestures, but agreeing a price limit on gifts with your partner will save either of you from being embarrassed having spent too much/ too little on the other. It will actually force you to be more creative with your gift and will probably mean more to your partner than a pair of earrings or a bottle of aftershave.

Celebrate later

Going out on Valentine’s Day it is more often than not overpriced and very difficult to make a reservation if left to the last minute. Celebrating it a few days later you’ll find the price is much more within budget and the stress of going to a busy restaurant is no longer an issue.

Valentine’s breakfast/ lunch

Rather than the standard Valentine’s dinner, why not go for a romantic breakfast or lunch out somewhere? It is likely to be cheaper and far quieter than going for the typical evening meal.

Games night

Another cost free idea, maybe after you’ve cooked a nice meal and had your little indoor picnic, is to get out your favourite console or board game. An hour (unless you’re playing Monopoly) will fly by and is a fun way to spend some quality time with your partner. 

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